Work pontoon with spuds and work spaces


OBJECT NR. 200642

Pontoon THOR
built 1980 Germany at Deggendorfer Werft, rebuilt 2000 Hans Boost Schiffswerft, Trier
loa 24,43mm x beam 7,92m, depth 2,50 m
max draft 1,20 m
min. freeboard 0,40m
displacement 198,2 cbm

classed for inland navigation (rivers, delta's etc)
lowered aftdeck for excavator or crane (35 Mtns crane)
aftdeck strenthened with mounted wooden dragline boards, suitable to take a 35 Mtns excavator
3 spudpoles (length abt 7 m)
2 spudpoles aftship for securing the pontoon
1 spud foreship on a sled for moving the pontoon 4 meter forward by hydraulic system
1 x aux engine HATZ 4L41C - 50 kW with NEWAGE IC1224E-5 Generator 34 kW
hydraulic set KMER 160M4, 11 kW
All hydraulics and hoses are as new !
1 heater DE-DIEDRICH GTU123N - 21 kW
accommodation : 1 crew compartment with kitchen, 1 bathroom with toilet and shower, 2 cabins
2 stores/workshops
1 engine room
ballast pump
1 additional steel workboat handled by small crane
tanks :
Diesel 10.000 ltrs
Gasoil for heater 2000 ltrs
potable water 10.000 ltrs
grey water 5000 ltrs
ballast water 2000 ltrs
all void spaces and tanks hardcoated

Owners asking 250.000 Euro nett