Flat top deck barge 860 Mtns DWCC with Spuds & step pole

pontoon 38 x 10 x 4m for sale

Object nr : 18000588

small self-moving work pontoon with spudlegs "IJSSELMEER"
Built USA 1973
rebuilt and modernised Holland DEC 2017
866 Mtns DWCC on 3,07 max draft
loa 38,23m, beam 10,22m, depth 4,0 m, draft 0,95m unloaded
new deck constructed and suitable for a 120 tons crane
sides and bottom 13 mm steel measured
re-inforced steel crane deck
new classed for inland and sheltered waters but can be re-classed for coastal/sea as well
2 hydr. operated spudlegs
1 hydr. spudleg / towing train, which moves the pontoon with 3,40 m per pull (step pole or Kicker-spud)
on deck 2 hydr. winches 15 Mtns pull
6 ballast tanks, 2 ballast pumps
1 new generator 60 kVa
1 new generator 750 kVa
1 new accommodation unit

This pontoon is as good (better than) as a new one and all equipment on board is brand new !

Sellers are inviting offers (we can guide !)

Owners invested lot of money in new equipment and pontoon, idea below ± 1 mio Euro
Owners are also willing to offer long term charter or a BBHP deal !!
available immediately

as is/where is our port in the Netherlands, delivery immediately


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