Pontoon 24,40 x 15,25 m existing of coupled combifloat pontoons

Pontoon 2440 x 1525 x 213 combifloat couple pontoons


object nr: 210689


PONTOON   (Combifloat couple pontoons)
present dimensions 24,40 x 15.25 x 2,13 m height.
deck area abt 350 sqm
deck strength 15 Mtons pert sqm
deck load 375 Mtons on0,60 m freeboard
3 x spud legs of 18 m (electrically lifted)
spuds can be used till 15 m water depth
Suitable to carry a 90 Mtons crawler crane
each 14 units couple pontoon GL classed
with railing
Complete unit can be inspected in France (Le Havre)

The complete mounted pontoon exists of 14 couple pontoons and 3 spud holders incl. all coupling material
condition is as new - nearly used