3000 Tons Unpropelled pusher barges for dry bulk commodities with hatches

grain export Ukraine in barges via Danube

Object nr :   220740 to 220751              


non-propelled pusher barges with hatches for bulk cargo's

2990 Mtons cargo capacity on 4,33m draft
Built 1983 Poland

classed for inland navigation including European rivers as Rhine & Danube

double hull, boxed or semi box hold and strong TT floor
loa 76,60m x beam 11,40m
3500 cbm hold capacity
Aluminium rolling hatches
EU class valid till AUG 2027

Sellers price idea ± 750.000 Euro


NOTE : We have several closed cargo barges available with capacities from 2700 to 3000 Mtons cargo and drafts from 3,50 to 4,30 m.

Ideal for transport and storage for grains, rice and any other dry bulk cargos.

 pusher barges on the Danube river


river barges loaded as storage units


unpropelled barge with hatches 3000 Ton