Ship delivery

For our buyers only we can sail your vessel to any place in the world !

For buyers of smaller vessels, who do not have a crew available for the 1st voyage to buyers home port, we may be able to organise the delivery voyage of your vessel from port of purchase or delivery to the required port of destination.

We may have specialised Dutch crew available for the delivery-voyage of the vessel but also for the physical preparation of the vessel for such voyage. Besides offering this service to our own relations, we can also take care of such for buyers of vessels, for whom we did not involve in the purchase or sale.  We can offer this service against competive rates and costs and we are happy to send you our offer, after (!) you have purchased the vessel.

With a bit of luck we may also arrange a cargo to cover the voyage costs.

We have a longer experience with towing smaller objects and single and double hull tankers to West Africa and South America and therefore are also able to offer voyages under tow as well. (all subject to availability of the tug and/or the crew)


Delivery voyage conditions

Arranging a delivery voyage or a voyage under tow is an additional service that we provide. A delivery of a vessel is a separate independent transaction and a service that is being provided by a separate company not being the seller. This service is therefore never a part of the sale or purchase agreeement. Sellers of a vessel deliver normally 'as is / where is' and do not want to take over the responsability of a voyage or doing such beyond their normal trading limits.


The costs of a delivery voyage are to be paid in full immediately after an agreement has been reached. This payment will be kept in a separated trustee account on behalf of the buyer and the delivery crew. This payment must be received in full before commencing any preparations and before capturing a crew or a tug. Payment to crews and/or service providers are being done in parts according the agreement made. A delayed payment may result in delays in the delivery, because the option on the tug or crew may have expired and therefore possibly not available any more.



Note :

Because it needs a lot of work to calculate a possible rate and we do not waste time as providers for voyage costs, we only make an offer after you have purchased the vessel. Therefore please do not contact us just to get an offer for a possible voyage, as we will not respond to this, due to the intensive time wasting procedure to form a crew and cost indication.