self propelled pontoon 40 x 14 m for crane or excavator use

pontoon venbture deck 3

Object nr :  210681               


700 Mtons DWCC on 1,95 m draft
Built Netherlands 1983 at Duijvendijk, Krimpen a/d IJssel
Pontoon is ex crane pontoon, suitable for placing discharge crane or excavator or dredging crane etc
loa 40,04m, beam 14,04m, depth 2,52,
NSI classed till end JAN 2024 (Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate) for inland navigation and sheltered waters
Pontoon has 4 x 3 watertight compartments
Crane has been removed, but base is still available
main engine CUMMINS N14C 6 cyl diesel 350 kW (installed 2005)
propulsion HRP 200 (Schottel type) rudder propeller
gearbox Z-drive TWIN DISC
hydraulic stearing HEBECO + 24 V emergency stearing set
bowtruster DYMOJET - 360 degrees stearing grid
1 generator STAMFORD 42,5 kVa with IVECO 8041 4 cyl 50 kW
electricity 24 V + 220/380 shore connection

deck flattop with wheelhouse, accommodation and crane foundation
1 anchor winch fore- and 1 on aft-ship
2 steel-wire tying winches fore- and 2 aft

The pontoon is ballasted for adischarge crane and is very suitable for an heavy excavator or crane.
Pontoon is reported in tiptop condition.

Sellers price idea 355.000 EURO

Inviting offers / inspect & delivery in Rotterdam


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pontoon venture propulsion