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50 / 63 Mtons GOTTWALD Transshipment cranes

Floating crane, capacity 20.000 Mtons / 24 hrs Gottwald G HPK 7400 B

Article code: 1900611

50 / 63 Mtons GOTTWALD Transshipment cranes

2 x floating GOTTWALD cranes
cranes and pontoons built 2012 Germany/Netherlands)

Gottwald Grab Crane type G HPK 7400 B
hook capacity 63 Mtons at 36 m
grab capacity 50 Mtons at 36 m
capacity 20.000 Tons / 24 hrs
Minimum outreach 11 m. Maximum outreach 51 m. 
Hoisting height above water level 47 m. 
Lowering depth under water level 13 m. 
Max heal 3°
Max wind speed BFT 9 (21 - 24m/s)
diesel generator: CUMMINS QST 30 G5 (TIER 2, EIAPP certificate available)
grabs VERSTEGEN, Netherlands high closing power grabs - different iron ore, bauxite & coal grabs
Classification  ALP , Coastal waters 
Certification Bureau Veritas 

Built 2012 at RAVESTEIN the Netherlands
LOA  50.00 m
Breadth 24.57 m
height pontoon 3.98 m
BV    Hull ● Mach Pontoon – Crane - “Coastal Area’s”
Deck Load capacity  3.50 Mtns/m2
Deck cargo area (7m x 7m)  cap7.00 Mtns/m2
pontoon equipped with accommodation for 12 crews (6 cabins double banked), a galley area is newly refurbished and an office area including meeting room is established. 
engine room & stores are separated from the accommodations.

Operating conditions                                
The floating crane is also designed to work in Coastal Waters at Sea state 3 and Beaufort 9 in conformity with the applicable Bureau Veritas rules and regulations stated.
Out-of operation the floating crane is designed to sail in coastal waters with sea state 4 and Beaufort 14.
Both floating cranes have been docked in June / July 2017 for their first 5-year special survey and been exempted for the next 10 years docking as per flag exemption letter
Mounted on a pontoon, the Gottwald tower jib crane provides fast and mobile operations and can achieve transshipment capacities of up to 20.000t per day. 
Swiftly handling ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore operations, this design operates as well at sea as it does in sheltered waters. 
Flexibility, reliability and progressive performance under all circumstances makes Gottwald floating cranes stand out from other floating and harbour grab cranes.
Fuel capacity   90m³
Freshwater      34m³
Dirty water      24m³
Sewage            20m³
Dirty oil             6m³
Waterballast    450T
Complements  12 pax

Owners are inviting offers (we can guide)
Equipment seems to be in tiptop working condition and can be inspected working in the Caribbean sea.
More information, plans, details and photo's here

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